Why Tiny Living Resource?

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The tiny living movement is no longer a tiny thing. People from all walks and stages of life have embraced and embarked on downsizing, simplifying and living bigger by living smaller. This idea keeps growing. People like me, and my business partner Lisa, have watched from the outside, completely fascinated by the tiny homes we see not only in social media, but around our towns. The idea of getting small (grin), in whatever form, is appealing and compelling. It’s an idea that has grown traction, and wheels, and has taken off.

We’ve both been pinning tiny homes, container casas and RV pictures, blogs and ideas to our Pinterest pages for years. We tag each other constantly on Facebook conversations about de-cluttering, downsizing, travel or tips and tricks for living in small spaces. My husband and I have been looking at RVs for about 5 years and our dream is to first hit the road in a coach while we’re young enough to really get out and adventure and explore. It will mean we’ve got to figure out how to get rid of all our non-essential belongings and create room to live, work, paint, sing and play in, well, much smaller proportions.

Lisa and I decided to formalize our fascination with the lifestyles we’re determined to live and share our research, enthusiasm, products and opinions as we journey toward smaller footprints, and larger lives.

Come along, there’s plenty of room!

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