A Tiny House Conference… Who Knew?

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With the launch of our budding blog, we’ve been scouring the planet for information, events and news about Tiny Living in all shapes and forms. We are reading, pinning, saving, posting and gathering what we find. We were extremely excited to learn that there is an actual Tiny House Conference… what??? Yes, and there has been for several years. To those of us who are new to the idea, and are dancing in the wings, this seems like a great place to start! Lisa and I have already planned to use some precious vacation days this year to attend this year’s Tiny House Conference in Portland, Oregon. Okay, who doesn’t want to go to Portland, just because? Now, we have a reason and a large, interesting and hopefully educational event to attend. This video has me chomping at the bit!

Admittedly, entry to the Tiny House Conference comes with a not-so-tiny price tag, but since we don’t even reside in the same state anymore, it will be a fun and adventure filled reunion for us. If you have been to this conference, let us know what to expect! We’ll be taking the Lifestyle track, and maybe sending our husbands to the Building and Technical Track, which will let them have fun with power tools. Bonus: There’s also a Tiny House Hotel in Portland that we must check out which makes me very happy. I LOVE this concept.

We are learning that there are other gatherings of tiny house enthusiasts happening all across the nation. There’s a Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs in August, which is also calling my name. Again, Colorado, who doesn’t love a wee trip to the Rockies? There are Tiny Living meetups in Austin and Tiny House groups on Facebook. I was surprised to find a number of builders in and around Austin, and that in addition to our local tiny home homeless shelter, that there are other communities popping up.

We are also checking out the RV lifestyles. Lisa recently attended an RV show in Tampa and we’ll be hitting one in Austin this month. Reports to come!

We’d love to hear of more tiny home events, groups or meetups. Please post in the comments so we can check it out!


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