Jackie’s Tiny Adventure!

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Last weekend I went to visit a friend who has recently downsized into a fifth wheel. Jackie first “right sized” from a regular sized home into a 900 sq foot condo. After living there for a while, she knew she could go even smaller so she rented out her condo and has moved into her fifth wheel.

Like many of us, Jackie was at somewhat of a crossroads in her life and was able to really stop and consider her next step. She’s a retired firefighter (such a bada$$) and her kids are grown and out of the house. She lives near me in beautiful Dunedin Florida; we met through mutual friends and she was so interesting, we were fast friends. When I heard she was into tiny living….I knew I had to get the scoop!

Jackie is a fabulous decorator and really had her condo looking fantastic. She was able to quickly rent it out for top dollar and move into her fifth wheel. Now she is generating additional income while still living in the same area for much less. Since January Jackie has lived in the Dunedin RV Park and as I drove around I could certainly see its charm. Although there are some snowbirds and vacation travelers there, some of the units were more permanent; some of them overlooked the water! This is one of the cleanest and cutest parks I’ve been in. Click here if you would like more information.

Her space is situated at the back of the property and it’s peaceful and quiet for Jackie and her dog Luke. There is a nice sized yard and she has fenced it, planted grass and has plenty of plants & fun things to look at. Jackie has two small grandsons who love the beach so she has configured an adorable sandbox for them to play in when they come to visit. She’s also partitioned off a small area which created a shady spot for additional storage & her extra freezer. That plus her shed have her storage needs covered.

Do you see the empty arms sticking off of the top of the photo? Last week we had a particularly windy day and her awning spent an entire night flapping wildly and was ripped off. Sigh. Jackie LOVES her outdoor space and it will be back in action soon.

As I toured the inside I was first struck by the ceiling height and by the fact that it had a bath and a half. What?!!? I’m only 5’2” but I’m telling you the ceiling was way up there. Besides the master bedroom, a bunkroom and pull out couch can comfortably sleep 7. She is enjoying living there and truly has everything she needs. This is the most time I’ve spent in a fifth wheel and I was super impressed.

Recently she has purchased some land and currently she is pouring over plans for a more permanent small home in beautiful Colorado. Maybe even a log home….

Jackie is an amazing mother, grandmother and friend. I love hearing about people who have the courage to live their own adventure!

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